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If you become the expert you were always meant to be, don't blame the experts!

Aug 30, 2016

This is a very special episode of the Expert Interviews Podcast for me.

Conversion Marketing Certified BadgeIt involves a conversation with two colleagues (Erik Ullanderson and Peter Lowles) about a conversion marketing certification program we’ve had the privilege to help create and deliver at Leadpages.

It’s special because I believe this training program is the premier conversion marketing training available in the online marketing training marketplace.

And that’s not because I had a hand in it, it’s because of the value and return on investment so many of our students have realized learning and applying it to their marketing consulting - whether it be to grow their own business, the businesses of their clients, or both.

I’m extremely proud of the program, the team who developed it, what our students have been able to achieve, and I wanted to share the nuts and bolts of it with you in case you are looking to improve all aspects of your online marketing, or just a piece of it.

As you’ll hear in our discussion, this program covers the following topics

  • How the program came about in the first place
  • The idea behind it and who is it a good fit for.
  • The different elements and topics of the program and how it’s structured
  • We play and discuss an audio portion of a popular learning segment, and finally,
  • The path to becoming Leadpages Conversion Marketing Certified and listed in the public directory of certified professionals.

This episode will not only inform you about a training program, it will give you many actionable insights and tips to help inspire and equip you to do your best online marketing work ever - that’s what this show has always been about, and this episode is no different.

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