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Aug 11, 2016

This is the second part of a discussion with Stu McLaren on membership sites. Listen to part 1.

What does it take to start a successful membership site?

  1. Create the site 
  2. Market the site
  3. Manage the site - take care of your members
Use cases for adding membership site software to a new or existing business destination (URL), and operating them as a free or fee-based model:
  • Andrew Warner's Mixergy is an example of an existing site going from a completely free-based to a fee-based model by adding membership site software
  • Michael Hyatt's Platform University is an example of adding membership site software to a brand new destination, separate from his blog
Stu talks about 5 mistakes people make with their membership sites and how to avoid them:
  1. Recreating existing content
  2. Not communicating with members
  3. A focus on getting new members vs. keeping existing members
  4. Creating too much content (at the expense of building the community): "People come for the content, but they stay for the community."
  5. Not having a monthly (content/theme) plan along with a plan to promote it
A site for people to join and learn how to successfully run membership sites:WishList Insiders
What does the future hold for membership sites?
  • Membership sites have the capability to help us build a business that serves us vs. us being a slave to the business
  • Use skills to generate money for our use, but to also have the freedom and flexibility to support the causes we want to support - examples include:
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