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If you become the expert you were always meant to be, don't blame the experts!

Nov 22, 2016

This episode includes excerpts of Mingle Media Marketing's success story using the techniques of conversion marketing, together with their Relationship Method of engagement to boost the online marketing and business results of their clients by 10x and more!

Johnathan Tebeau, Hendrik de Vries, Mingle Media Marketing

Mingle Media Partners Johnathan Tebeau and Hendrik de Vries (not pictured, partner Clark Buxton)

It's the story told by Mingle Media's co-founder, Hendrik de Vries, of what bothered him most about how every client they'd come in contact with had been burnt by other agencies. And, what he set out to do to overcome these issues and win them over, restoring confidence and trust in the process.

It's also the story of how Leadpages Conversion Marketing Certification training equipped Hendrik and Mingle Media Marketing to find a better way forward with their prospective clients, thereby giving them the space and confidence needed to focus on what Hendrik calls the Relationship Method and being extremely transparent in giving them access to everything: knowledge, conversion marketing education, tools and much, much more.

The results Hendrik was able to achieve with the Relationship Method and Conversion Marketing techniques are eye-popping. They were in fact so amazing that it often led clients to have Hendrik slow down or even shut down highly successful campaigns, and on more of a few occasions, find it necessary to fire Mingle Media.

But it's all good. Hendrik doesn't mind. One client fired him twice actually, and referred 6 clients over the course of their relationship!

This episode will inspire and give you hope in a better way forward for achieving better and ongoing results with your online marketing.

Whether you're a business owner looking for better online marketing results, or a digital marketing consultant looking to improve your techniques, Hendrik's methods, and what he reveals in this success story, may be the thing you need to take that next step to achieving  your own success and doing your best work, ever.

Check out the full story at, Hendrik's Conversion Marketing Certification Profile, and the website of Mingle Media Marketing.