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If you become the expert you were always meant to be, don't blame the experts!

Apr 10, 2017

My expert guest today is Kathy Colaiacovo, founder of Pepper It Marketing, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kathy is also a Leadpages Conversion Marketing Certified professional.

Kathy Colaiacovo of Pepper It Marketing

I’m really excited to share with you Kathy’s Conversion Marketing Certification success story.

But it’s more than that. It’s more than learning and applying proven conversion marketing techniques to grow your business and help your clients succeed.

  • It’s a story of what Kathy did with the opportunities that were presented to her, despite having to deal with some of her biggest fears.
  • It’s a story about hearing a knock on the door and opening the door to see where it might take you.
  • It’s a story about listening to what others think you could do...Doing your homework...and then implementing a plan to give you the best possible opportunity to succeed.
  • It’s a story of seeing what works for your own business and then applying it to help your clients business succeed
  • It’s a story of gradually, but surely evolving your business model over time to take advantage of the opportunities presented, and to hone your craft.
  • It’s the story of how Kathy Colaiacovo grew a marketing business - one knock and one door at a time.

Show Soundbites

"If opportunity knocked, I would always try to answer the door and see where it would take me."
"As someone who dropped out of the university because of social anxiety, participating in bi-weekly networking events was my big terror barrier."
"I'm here in Nova Scotia and 75% of my clients have been, from day one, from the States. And out of hundreds of clients that I've dealt with over the years, I've probably only met, in person, about 5% of them."
“One of my pieces of advice to anybody going through the training is to be really clear about setting aside definitive time in your sit down and do it, do the work of the course.”
“The growth that I’ve seen in my business has been fabulous. For example, my email list has grown by over 200%, and I’ve achieved a 30% conversion rate of post-webinar offer sign-ups.”
“A lot of the work I do now with people is about helping them put their marketing plans together so they know and understand what they need to do and how to do it.”

Connect with Kathy

What's the next door you need to open, walk through, and see where it leads?