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If you become the expert you were always meant to be, don't blame the experts!

Sep 8, 2016

Conversion Marketing Certified members Colin Scotland and Ken Kelly are two very good examples of why you should not give up on investing in educational programs to increase your marketing skills and grow your business.

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Both Colin and Ken have taken the Leadpages Conversion Marketing Certification training program, passed it, have become listed in the Certified Directory, and, most importantly are experiencing breakthrough business success because of it.

In this episode I ask them about their unique experience with the training...

  • How they felt it differed from other digital marketing training
  • Key learnings and light bulb moments
  • Their early results from applying it to their marketing approach
  • Things they discovered they did not expect...and more!

Their story will inspire and encourage you to not give up on improving your skills, but to find the kind of training, like Colin and Ken found, that will deliver a sizable and rapid return on your educational investment.

Here are a few highlights of what you'll hear in this episode, plus some info on Colin and Ken.

Colin Scotland of Logical Fox Marketing

Colin Scotland, Logical Fox Marketing"The information in the course is presented in such a succinct and easily actionable way that you can go step by step through the things you cover and apply it to your business."

"Over the years many different people tell you to do many different things, this course helps you filter that through to a more results-oriented outcome.”

Lightbulb moment: The lead nurturing and marketing automation lesson. Results achieved after applying the techniques:

  • Traffic of unique website visitors have increased by over 30%
  • Session duration increased by 181% (user engagement with site content)
  • Bounce rate in the low 20s

"Results speak for themselves. I found it really actionable. Too often you hear too many different people tell you to do so many different things, it’s really difficult to filter what to do, and it can be confusing even for people knowing what they’re doing. Having that step by step, concise, holistic view of the way you should be thinking of this and acting upon it in your business was fantastic.”

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Ken Kelly of Conversion Marketer

Ken Kelly, Conversion Marketer"Consuming information can often leave you dissatisfied. That’s because you’ll hear a topic covered in depth on one single thing (like putting together an autoresponder series of emails), you listen, you consume, take notes, you implement it, and maybe you find it works a little bit or maybe it doesn’t work. And maybe you read another blog and it says to do it another way. And now you don’t really know. You’re confused."

"But what I really loved about the conversion marketing course is, yes you’ve got the tactics, and yes it shows you what you should be doing and how to implement that, but it’s more than that. It gives you the framework of the why, and that framework of the why for me was the missing piece.”

Results speak for themselves:

  • I increased the number of lead magnets over the past 3 months and now have 593 opt-ins that would not normally have gone onto my list from the other channels I was using. 593 is a cracking number. That’s on a list size now of about 5,000.
  • One of the lead magnets is converting at 68%! That’s insane!
  • Another result is from the consulting I did with a customer. The customer had worked to put together a phenomenal course and it was over a year in the making. He put it out as a test to a section of 500 people on his list, and he sold 3. He was so downhearted. He thought they just didn’t like the course he had made. I consulted with him and used pretty much what I was taking directly out of the course and implemented it within his business. We launched to the same people, same 500 person list and sold 26 courses. 3 to 26 by taking the information I had learned and sharing that with one of my clients. And you know that is valuable stuff...that’s what you call a return on investment.

Mentioned on this podcast: The appearance Ken made on Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Podcast on how he developed a successful affiliate/partnership program to offline (brick and mortar) businesses: SPI 221.

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