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If you become the expert you were always meant to be, don't blame the experts!

Dec 5, 2016

Have you ever struggled with low levels of confidence because you just couldn't seem to reconcile your real-world experience with marketing theory and the myriad of techniques you saw in use by prominent digital marketers?

Have you ever wondered what's going to really work for your business - your clients?

Well if you have, you're in good company. These were the very issues Colin Scotland of Logical Fox Marketing grappled with when trying to synthesize and make sense of a lifetime of experience and learning with sales and marketing - from the market stalls of Liverpool to a successful stab at e-commerce and an online marketing consultancy to brick and mortar shops - this is the story of finding clarity, purpose, and a value-driven approach through Conversion Marketing Certification from Leadpages.

Colin Scotland Logical Fox Marketing

Colin Scotland, Logical Fox Marketing

It's the story told by Colin Scotland of Logical Fox Marketing and how he overcame uncertainty and confusion to establish a thriving online marketing consultancy serving brick and mortar businesses in and around Liverpool. 

His passion for helping brick and mortar businesses succeed online involved not just any type of business, but some of the ones that traditionally have been slower to adopt and succeed with online marketing. Businesses in the education sector such as secondary schools needing to increase enrollment; optician businesses who needed to grow their clientele and expand locations, these are the ones Colin focused on.

Colin, who once suffered a crisis of confidence found his way forward since becoming Conversion Marketing Certified with Leadpages.

"I go into client meetings now, but I'm brimming with excitement, confidence, and passion about the potential of what we can do to massively transform these brick and mortar businesses with the conversion marketing techniques I learned from Leadpages."

The results Colin was able to achieve with his real-world experience, knowledge of marketing and Conversion Marketing techniques are truly remarkable.

This episode will inspire and give you hope in a better way forward for achieving better and ongoing results with your online marketing.

Whether you're a business owner looking for better online marketing results, or a digital marketing consultant looking to improve your techniques, Hendrik's methods, and what he reveals in this success story, may be the very thing you need to take that next step to achieving your own success and doing your best work, ever.

Check out and download a copy of Colin's success story at, and visit Colin's Conversion Marketing Certification Profile on ConvertedU by Leadpages.